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WOW, what an incredible fall market! I don’t believe there has ever been a season where I am JUST LOVING EVERYTHING! From velvet, floral prints, to blush pink, I am swooning over every single fall trend. I had the amazing opportunity to host a Suite Spot Tour this year and realized just how many fabulous vendors the Suites has to offer. Follow along as I take you through a few of my picks!


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One of my first stops when scouting the “Suites” was to Hammerton Lighting, a Utah based, upscale residential and commercial lighting manufacturer. I am a girl who loves her BLING and Hammerton’s Bezel & Gem collection is right up this Southern Glam girl’s alley! Inspired by the idea of lighting as ‘jewelry for the home’, this glamorous collection offers pendants, wall sconces, chandeliers and more! Hammerton offers an array of metal finishes and blown glass colors to tantalize all of your design senses.


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The photo above was taken next to Hammerton’s Parallel Collection. Parallel’s glass sparkles at every turn and the styling is transitional and sleek. I already have a space in mind that deserves this magnificent collection!


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Floral is one of the hottest trends in design and Celadon Art captured my southern heart with their Natural Baroque Collection! Large-scale florals are meant to WOW and our tour attendees were in awe of this pair of beauties!


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Another fab find on our treasure hunt was Callisto Home Inc. Their hand beaded and textured pillows were quite the hit on our tour. Callisto’s wide array of color offerings are too numerous to list but can be checked out at


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Speaking of pillows….Signature Pillows caught our attention with their colorful prints and “sweet” price point! They are a custom pillow manufacturer who incorporates high-end fabric lines such as Thibaut, and Kravet. Signature Pillows includes the inserts with their pillows…making them a great value!

It was truly an honor to lead my first Suite Spot Tour, to check out the other manufacturers we featured, visit DesignOnHPMkt ‘s Instagram.

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