Principles of Design

September has somehow snuck upon us already! Let’s look at how the elements of design work together to create the principles of balance, unity, variety, pattern, rhythm, contrast and emphasis.

Balance Wesley Hall Group

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This living space styled by Wesley Hall is a perfect example of balance. The navy-blue walls offset the neutral upholstery but, in a way that coordinates with the other accessories in the room. We love the smooth lines of the pair of blue chairs that mirror the angular sunburst pictures. It is always fun to select a patterned fabric for a side chair or rug, and that also maintains the balance of the solid and patterned textiles.

Unity and Variety Thibaut Bridgehampton Collection

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In Thibaut’s Bridgehampton Collection houses both wallpapers and fabrics that are inspired by New York. The neutral color palette establishes a good canvas for the cheerful and festive designs of the wall paper and upholstery. We like the mixing and matching of patterns as it catches the eye’s attention, but isn’t too overwhelming.

Pattern Thibaut Grasscloth

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We are excited to share the new addition to Thibaut’s Grasscloth Resource Volume 4, the Piedmont blue raffia weave. This striking herringbone pattern coupled with the gray solid colored chest allows for the print to make a statement without being overbearing.

Rhythm Disstinctive Carpets

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Fairwater Woven Wilton Ocean by Distinctive Carpets immediately got our attention with its water like rhythm. It is an excellent way to bring energy into a space, especially when working with solid upholstered fabrics. This is also a good example of contrast working hand in hand with rhythm with the navy-blue flooring against the cream-colored chairs.

Contrast Wesley Hall

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We love color! And Wesley Hall has designed a beautiful living area full of wonderful contrasting colors. The beige neutral rug is a good backbone for the color palette of the room. Each shade of blue and green work together to form a cohesive space by combining the right amount of contrast with the neutral splashes of white and black.

Emphasis Thibaut Chelsea Collection

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You can’t help but feel elegant when standing in the presence of the Chelsea Collection from Thibaut’s wallpaper line. This pattern is called Joli Trail in the aqua colorway. The use of simple clean lines for furnishings and a fresh white color palette allows the emphasis to be on the wall covering. We think this collection is quite charming because it develops more classic prints into trendy styles.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the principles and elements of design with today’s trends! I know I sure am looking forward to Halloween in October! We love holidays and all of the accessories that accompany them.

Shayla Copas

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