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It’s August, and you know what that means…school is back in session! I thought this would be a perfect time to review the elements and principles of design regarding current trends. This month we will learn about the elements of design and shift into the principles of design in September. Just as an artist uses brushes, paints, and pencils, an interior designer utilizes the more abstract “tools” of line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space.


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Any piece designed by Riedel or Nachtmann is guaranteed to be beautifully sculpted, and the Slice Votive Candle Holder is a prime example. We were enchanted by the clean lines that form this circular formation. Line and shape are a dynamic duo in the design world! I foresee an order of these candle holders for our office in the near future…

Carrie Collection

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Color is my favorite tool to work with because of the fabulous color palettes that can be created. In Daleno’s Carrie Collection, the heels are so hot they are melting with color! This element is used to bring life and emotion to images, but can also establish value and space. We encourage our clients to integrate splashes of color with artwork, pillows, accessories, etc.

Fiftys Recorder

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Value is essentially the lightness or darkness of a color and space is a guideline for the physical boundaries of an object. Fiftys Recorder IV by Daleno shows the different levels of transparency within the geometric objects. This demonstrates how value effects depth perception. As discussed above, color helps to establish the guidelines of objects. This is one way that allows for the creation of the element of space. Abstract art is great for uniting different accessories that you may not have thought about pairing before!

Finally, are the elements of form and texture. Form is the outline of three dimensional objects and texture is defined as the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface. The amount of textures is endless as well as the design effects they can provide.


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The eye-catching Marlowe Mon Stool by World’s Away is the perfect example of both form and texture. The semi-circular arched base in the Lucite silver gloss finish provides an amazing contrast to the natural Mongolian fur cushion. Acrylic is still going strong in the design industry. The best combinations are normally the ones with a strong juxtaposition of design elements. We immediately had to go and try out this statement piece!


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The Bentley Bcon four drawer black dresser is another example of form and texture. The wood print is so realistic that it creates a “visual texture.” The simplicity of the structure of geometric forms is why they pair well with a bold texture. The Bentley is perfect because it can be dressed up or down depending on its use as distressed wood is very trendy right now.

I hope you enjoyed your crash course of the elements of design! Enjoy the summer weather while it’s still here.

Shayla Copas

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